Are You a Good Candidate for TrueTear?

TrueTear from Allergan is generating quite a buzz as the first treatment of its kind to alleviate symptoms of dry eye without drops or drugs. The system uses low-level neurostimulation via the nose to naturally coax the tear glands to produce their own tears. This temporarily increases tear production and improves dry eye symptoms.

Since Dr. Edward Hedaya and the team at InVision Eye Care have recently fielded a lot of questions about the exciting technology, we thought it would be helpful to outline the criteria and qualities that make a person a good candidate for TrueTear.

At Least 22 Years Old

TrueTear is FDA approved for adults at least 22 years of age.

Experience Dry Eye Symptoms

TrueTear is designed for individuals whose eyes do not produce enough of their own tears and who experience severe dry eye symptoms, including any of the following:

Do Not Have a Cardiac Pacemaker or Defibrillator

TrueTear is not suitable for anyone with a cardiac demand pacemaker, implanted or wearable defibrillator or another metal or electronic device (including cochlear implants) in the head or neck.

Do Not Have Any Bleeding Disorders

TrueTear is contraindicated for individuals with chronic nosebleeds and bleeding disorders.

No Known Allergies to Hydrogel Material

TrueTear should not be used by anyone who has a known allergy to the hydrogel material on the tip of the device that makes contact with the inside of the nose.

Who May Be Interested in TrueTear?

TrueTear is a particularly appealing solution for individuals who desire a natural or homeopathic alternative to drugs or drops for dry eye syndrome. It is also very useful for individuals who have trouble administering eyedrops or artificial tears due to arthritis in the neck or hands, or other dexterity problems.

Schedule a Consultation to Learn More about TrueTear

To find out whether you are a good candidate for TrueTear, the InVision Eye Care team invites you to visit our office for a one-on-one consultation. Please call or email us to request an appointment today!


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