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"Safe Expert EyeCare"

The COVID 19 epidemic challenged the entire world.

Yet within challenges, lie opportunities. Winston Churchill said one should "never waste a good crisis." We have not. Thanks to the extraordinary technologies our practice is known for, we done incredible things even during the height of the epidemic.


At InVision our organization has fostered a long history of outstanding safety practices. Today more than ever we need to be prepared for a new environment. Recent changes we have made include:Image of a mask

  • upgraded our air systems to remove particles the size of a virus's, then sterilized.
  • replace all our eye contact instruments for glaucoma, so they are a sterile one time use.
  • protocols for frequent cleaning of our environment.
  • new schedules to keep waiting rooms empty.
  • screening temperature monitoring of patients.
  • staff wearing protective N95 masks
  • promote the use of on line technologies to minimize waiting time in the office like using the Patient Portal to give information and update your chart. 
    Ask about how to get on the portal when you make your appointment, it's secure! 
  • use of telemedicine where indicated.

And as always we continue to have hand washing between each patient. Germs hate soap!

Lady using telemedicine


InVision eye care is proud to have been a leader in offering multiple telemedicine capabilities reaching beyond the telephone call. We have all our patients medical record at our finger tips because it is stored on the cloud. We also have been using telemedicine video conferencing on the smart phone. The oldest participant was a 96 year old gentleman who said it was 'real cool.". In addition we have a wonderful telemedicine video visit platform on the computer allowing for a unique audio visual educational experience. A 79 year old patient summed it up best by saying, "I am blown away! This is really cool!" We have recognized going forward, this will allow us to offer more convenient care to our patients for a number of conditions they previously visited our office fo



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