TrueTear Relieves the Uncomfortable Symptoms of Dry Eye

Dry Eye Symptom Relief

The symptoms of dry eye disease can be irritating at best and debilitating at worst. Eventually, red, watery eyes, sensitivity to light and a sandy or gritty sensation can start to interfere with daily life.

If you have been struggling with the uncomfortable symptoms of dry eye, Dr. Edward Hedaya and the team at InVision Eye Care have some exciting news for you. We are pleased to announce a new treatment option for dry eye from inadequate tear production. The first of its kind, TrueTear gently activates the lacrimal functional unit, which is responsible for protecting and maintaining the tear film. With more tears, your eyes stay clear, moist and comfortable.

A Drop-Free, Drug-Free Option to Increase Natural Tear Production

TrueTear is approved for individuals 22 years or older, whose eyes do not produce enough tears. The device uses neurostimulation technology to naturally increase production of your own tears — no drops or drugs needed! 

The handheld TrueTear device is inserted into the nasal cavity and delivers gentle pulses of energy to nerves under the bridge of the nose, which sends nerve signals to the brain. The brain then sends nerve signals to the tear glands in the eyelids, which react by temporarily increasing the production of natural tears almost immediately.

The TrueTear device is easy to operate and very portable. It can fit easily into your daily routine, and should be used for three minutes at a time, at least twice a day as needed. If our team determines that you could benefit from TrueTear, we will explain exactly how you can obtain optimal effectiveness while minimizing possible side effects.

Every patient’s experience with TrueTear is slightly different; however, the device should not be painful or uncomfortable to use. You may feel a minor tingling or tickling sensation, depending on the strength of the device’s setting.

Learn More about TrueTear

TrueTear is only available by prescription; you cannot buy it in stores or online. If you are interested in learning more about the device and whether you are a good candidate for treatment, our team invites you to schedule an informational consultation. We can perform a complete examination and recommend whether TrueTear or another treatment modality is most likely to give you much-needed relief from dry eyes. Please contact our New Jersey practice today.

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