5 Types of Professionals that Can Benefit from LASIK/PRK

Dr. Edward Hedaya and the team at InVision Eye Care have blogged before about the benefits of laser vision correction. Something that we haven’t yet explained in previous posts is the effect that procedures like LASIK and PRK can have on your career. 

In occupations where glasses and contacts can get in the way of a job well done, having laser vision correction can significantly improve comfort and even performance. Read on as Dr. Hedaya identifies five types of professionals that can greatly benefit from LASIK and PRK.

1. Office Workers

If you work at a desk and perform computer work all day, wearing glasses and contact lenses can be uncomfortable and challenging. The light bouncing off your glasses’ lenses and computer screen can cause glare, and contacts can dry out and fatigue your eyes. LASIK and PRK virtually eliminate these problems, allowing for a more comfortable and possibly more productive workday.

2. Doctors, Nurses and Healthcare Professionals

If you are a doctor, nurse or other type of healthcare professional responsible for the well-being of patients, you don’t have time to worry about a contact falling out or glasses fogging up. To do your job to the best of your capabilities, you should be ready to see clearly at a moment’s notice without the hassle or inconvenience of visual aids. Laser vision correction can give you this type of freedom.

3. Anyone that Works Outside

Working outside often requires long days with unpredictable weather and other environmental factors. If you’re a landscaper, farmer, construction worker or otherwise spend the bulk of your days outside, it’s easy for a speck of dust to get underneath a contact or your glasses to get dirty or sweaty. LASIK and PRK eliminate these inconveniences and allow you to focus on doing your job well.

4. Emergency Responders and Law Enforcement

When someone’s safety or life is on the line, you shouldn’t have to worry about putting your contacts in or cleaning your glasses. Visual aids may also interfere with gear you may need to wear for certain situations (like responding to a fire or natural disaster). Laser vision correction is the perfect way to eliminate these obstacles and help you protect those that need it most.

5. Athletes

Nearly every sport requires clear vision, good hand-eye coordination and quick reflexes to stay competitive. Whether you play sports professionally or recreationally, LASIK and PRK can give you clearer vision than you’ve ever had — without the hassles of visual aids.

Learn More about Laser Vision Correction

Even if your job isn’t affected by your glasses or contact lenses, you can still enjoy the peace of mind and comfort that comes with freedom from visual aids. To learn more about the benefits of laser vision correction, please contact our Lakewood, NJ office by calling (732) 607-8515 to schedule an appointment with our team.

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