Fall In Love with Your Vision Again

Are you tired of needing corrective glasses or contact lenses to perform simple, everyday tasks? Does poor vision prevent you from living the active lifestyle you desire? Are you self-conscious of the way thick, heavy eyeglasses look?

InVision EyeCare can help you see the world in high definition, thanks to laser vision correction. Here are a few reasons why so many of our patients have made the decision to undergo laser vision correction.


Imagine waking up in the morning and reading a text message or checking the time without having to put in your contacts or reach for your glasses. With laser vision correction, this is an everyday reality!

Active Lifestyle

Exercise, sports and outdoor activities become more enjoyable without having to worry about glasses sliding around or fogging up.

Improved Confidence

Most of our patients experience a boost of confidence after laser vision correction, which can lead to a more satisfying personal and professional life.

Great Long-Term Investment

Compare the one-time cost for laser vision correction with years of paying for eyeglasses, frames, contact lenses and cleaning materials. Over time, laser vision correction is the more cost-effective option.

Quick Results

The laser vision correction procedure itself is short and virtually painless, and the results become apparent very quickly. Some of our patients see results in less than 24 hours after their procedure.

Why Patients Trust Dr. Hedaya with Laser Vision Correction

It’s simple: reputation, experience and results.

Dr. Edward Hedaya trained at some of the most respected institutions in the country and, with more than a decade in practice, has a solid foundation of experience. He understands that having laser vision correction is one of the most important decisions his patients will make in their life, and he is committed to helping them achieve excellent results.

Dr. Hedaya and the InVision EyeCare team believe that surface laser vision correction (PRK or LASEK) procedures are safer than traditional LASIK surgery. This is primarily because PRK and LASEK are “no-incision” procedures that do not require the creation of a corneal flap.

To learn more about the advantages of surface laser vision correction and how it can help you fall in love with your vision again, please schedule a consultation at InVision EyeCare. Call us at (732) 210-0140 today.

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