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Ocular Allergy Specialist

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Ocular Allergy Q&A

Ocular Allergy Diagnostic System from B&L

Allergies are your body’s natural response when exposed to certain substances called allergens, usually resulting in itchiness, redness, and inflammation, among other symptoms. They may occur during particular seasons of the year, or year-round, depending on what you’re allergic to. If you suffer from allergies, your eyes may be affected, too. 

With the FDA-approved, in-office Doctor’s Allergy Formula diagnostic test your eye care professional can test for allergies that may be the underlying cause of your eye allergies or irritations.

This test, which is typically covered by many major medical insurances,1 helps to characterize, or rule out, eye allergies when differentiating types of eye surface diseases such as dry eyes, eye allergies and blepharitis (a common condition that causes inflammation of the eyelids) which can have similar signs and symptoms.

The three-minute ocular allergy diagnostic test contains a panel of 60 allergens2 that are specific to each region of the country and provides results within 10-15 minutes. The Doctor’s Allergy Formula test results can help identify the offending allergens and aid in developing a treatment plan.

Key Features & Benefits of the B&L Diagnostic System

  • Regionalized, testing with eye-specific allergens that are more common in our area of New Jersey
  • Test is covered by many major insurance plans1
  • FDA Approved
  • No Needles! No Shots - test is administered using a plastic, skin-prick test applicator
  • Takes 3 minutes to perform with results in-office in 10-15 minutes

Tips to Help You Tackle Eye Allergies (Allergic Conjunctivitis)

What to for initial relief

If your eyes suddenly become red, puffy and itchy, you are suffering from a condition called acute allergic conjunctivitis. Use a cold compress for immediate relief is this is an acute episode.  Over the counter medication eyedrops such as Zaditor or Pataday are a good treatment initial option for many patients.

Some patients may have chronic or ongoing eye allergies that do not start so acutely but rather increase over time. An example are eye medication allergies or underlying skin condition like eczema, contact dermatitis etc.

For long-term relief, we suggest identifying what allergens are triggering your allergic response by undergoing B&L in office allergy testing.

Don’t Rub!

When we rub our eyes, it causes the mast cells to release mor histamines and this increases our allergic response.

To Schedule an Ocular Allergy Test:

Call 732-905-5600 and specify you are interested in being tested for allergies.