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As you age, your skin loses the firmness and elasticity of youth, and excess skin can bunch up on your eyebrows and eyelids. In some cases, this can even cause problems with your vision. If you’re interested in brow or eyelid surgeries, call InVision Eye Care today at either of their locations in Lakewood, New Jersey, or make an appointment with the online scheduling tool.

Brow & Eyelid Surgeries Q&A

What is an eye lift?

An eye lift, also called a blepharoplasty, is a procedure that reduces bagginess in lower eyelids and removes excess skin in the upper eyelids. The procedure is most often done for cosmetic reasons but it can also be effective in improving eyesight for older people whose vision is compromised by sagging eyelids.

Why would I need an eye lift?

As you age, your skin gradually begins to lose elasticity, and gravity will cause the skin around your eyes to wrinkle and bulge. On the upper eyelids, an excess of the skin can hang over the eyelashes and cause vision problems.

What is a brow lift?

A brow lift is done to treat sagging skin in the forehead, eyebrows, and upper eyelids. There are two main types of brow lift, the classic brow lift, and the endoscopic brow lift.

In a classic brow lift, InVision Eye Care makes a  continuous incision from ear to ear, running along the hairline, and then repositions the brow for a smoother, more desirable appearance.

During an endoscopic lift, they make a few short incisions in the scalp and insert a small scope, or a tube with a camera on it, into the incision to help make the most precise possible changes. Because the incisions are smaller, the procedure is much less invasive than a classic brow lift.

What is it like to get an eyelift or a brow lift?

When you visit the office for a brow or eye lift, you first choose what type of anesthetic you prefer. Many times, a local anesthetic is all that is necessary for these procedures, but some people are more comfortable under general anesthesia.

The procedures typically take under two hours to complete, and you will be able to go home to recover afterward. While your face heals, you should keep plenty of ice on hand to help with swelling, as well as enough pillows to keep your head elevated.

If you’re interested in how a brow or eye lift can restore your appearance, call InVision Eye Care today, or make an appointment online.