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Edward L. Hedaya, MD

Ophthalmologist located in Lakewood, NJ

Meet Dr. Hedaya


Dr. Hedaya is well regarded by his peers in Ophthalmology who frequently seek his opinion. He is loved by his patients who appreciate not only the depth of his expertise, but also his engaging personality, caring and outstanding skills.

He has trained at some of the finest institutions in the country, including Mt. Zion/UCSF, North Shore/Cornell Medical Center, and the New York University Medical Center. In addition to the standard ophthalmology residency program, he had elected additional pre- and post- residency fellowship training programs to expand his knowledge base and skills.  Consequently he ranked in the top 10% nationally in his board certification in ophthalmology.

Dr. Hedaya served as Clinical Instructor of Ophthalmic Surgery at the New York University Medical Center. He also was a certified supervisor for the LADARVision excimer laser.  He specializes in non-incision laser vision correction, called PRK, on the leading-edge German engineered Allegretto Wave Eye-Q laser system. Dr. Hedaya enjoys teaching the nuance of laser vision correction as well as the LenSx cataract laser to other surgeons.

It is his nature to be intellectually inquisitive, and he is well regarded in the ophthalmic industry. He participates in many web seminars and meetings around the world. His most recent publication focused on how to optimize surgical results.

With over 30 years of growing surgical experience, Dr. Hedaya has developed a strong track record of excellent results with extremely low complication rates. He is among the most experienced cataract and laser vision correction specialists on the Jersey Shore. Our office databases the surgical results and they are outstanding. He also has a keen interest in more difficult cases, including patients who have had laser vision correction or other eye procedures in the past.

Dr. Hedaya resides on the shore, loves being married, and has four dynamic children. His hobbies are ophthalmology (of course), teaching doctors, learning languages, exercise - including downhill skiing, biking, as well as travel. He is a fan of the ballet, symphony, and adores the American standards!

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