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For a long time, LASIK/PRK have overshadowed implantable contact lenses (ICLs). While ICLs are traditionally thought of as a consolation for patients who do not qualify for refractive surgery, a growing number of patients who are eligible for all three procedures are choosing ICLs. The procedure involves placing a permanent contact lens between the natural lens of the eye and the iris. This lens then works in conjunction with the natural lens to produce clearer vision.

Here is why, at InVision Eye Care Specialists, we are seeing a rise in patients who prefer ICLs over laser corrective surgery:

They Are Better for Severe Nearsightedness

When a patient has an especially difficult time seeing faraway objects clearly, ICLs may be the preferable solution. While LASIK/PRK are successful at improving mild to moderate cases of myopia (AKA nearsightedness), ICLs can address higher diopters of myopia. In cases of severe myopia, ICLs may be the way to go.

Avoiding Dry Eye

One of the most common side effects experienced by LASIK/PRK patients is dry eye. Many will find that this pesky problem persists for several months following their surgery. Fortunately, this side effect is practically non-existent for patients after having ICL surgery. As such, there is no need to carry around eye drops for relief and lubrication.

Extra UV Protection

Patients know they should protect their eyes from harmful UVA and UVB rays, but many forget to bring sunglasses with them before heading outside. Luckily, the collamer material used to make ICLs has special properties that offer added UV protection.

ICL Surgery Is Reversible/Changeable

If, for whatever reason down the road, a patient wants to undo his or her ICL procedure, this can be accomplished without causing any harm to the eye. The same cannot be said of LASIK/PRK, as the laser permanently alters the eye. .

By the same token, if a patient’s vision prescription changes over time, his or her ophthalmologist can switch out the lens to accommodate the new level of sight.


Speak to the Experts

Of course, the aforementioned benefits pertain to patients who qualify for all three procedures. Characteristics unique to your own eyes may make you a better candidate for ICL surgery than for LASIK/PRK. The best way to make this determination is to speak with the talented doctors at InVision Eye Care, servicing New Jersey patients in Ocean County, Monmouth County and Lakewood, NJ. Call (732) 607-8515 to schedule an appointment.

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