Ways to Calm Your Nerves About Upcoming Eye Surgery    

In transmitting billions of images over the course of a lifetime, your eyes are incredibly efficient and precise. But when it comes to eye surgery, it is often the imagination that prevails. In our minds, we conjure images of anxiety that may end up obscuring this important reality: Most surgical procedures involving the eye are routine, quick and complication-free.

Yet allaying fears is easier said than done. Here, the trusted surgeons of InVision Eye Care suggest ways to calm nerves and cope with apprehension as the day of your surgical procedure approaches.

Track Records

The first and best way to calm your fears is to research your eye procedure. You will soon discover that most surgical procedures involving the eye have been performed millions of times, over many decades. Cataract surgery, for example, is the most common surgical procedure in the world. And laser vision correction has a stellar record of success. With both of these types of procedures, most patients experience zero pain and hardly any inconvenience.

Your InVision eye surgeon is eager to help in this process by answering every question you may have, and by providing a thorough understanding of how the procedure will be performed and the results that may be expected. Your doctor knows that soothing anxiety begins with managing emotions and expectations, and that knowledge is the key.

Researching your surgeon’s background is another important way to ensure you are an informed patient. Asking about board certification, training and professional achievements can confirm for you that you’ve made the right choice. A vital question to ask is always: How many of these procedures has the eye surgeon performed over the years?

Focus on the Future

Once you’ve satisfied your mind about the choice you’ve made, concentrating on other tasks can help keep you from spending time second-guessing your decisions. If your surgery will require a prolonged recovery period, busy yourself with such preparations as buying groceries, planning favorite movies to watch, and letting friends and family know you would enjoy some company during the days or weeks of healing.

For many patients, relaxation techniques such as yoga or calming music work well. Tame your imagination by redirecting it: Imagine the great adventures and new experiences you’ll soon enjoy, made possible by the vivid sensations conveyed by healthy eyes.

To learn more about eye surgery preparation and options, please contact our Lakewood office today.

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