Turn Back the Clock with Dermal Fillers

Everywhere we look there is a product or procedure promising to turn back the clock and make us look younger and fresher. Facelift is a popular option, but one that requires a significant investment in time and money. 

Dermal fillers offer many of the anti-aging benefits of facelift but without the risk and expense of surgery. These injectable products gently soften signs of aging and create a rejuvenated appearance. 

Take a moment to learn more about the benefits of dermal fillers from the team at InVision Eye Care.

The Role of Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are nothing less than transformative in their effects. They literally fill in noticeable lines and creases around the face, including deep lines around the nose, mouth and chin, with ingredients like hyaluronic acid. The hyaluronic acid stimulates the body to produce its own collagen for smoother, softer skin long-term. 

Fillers are also used to volumize key points around the face to create more youthful contours, such as higher cheekbones or fuller lips. Filler products can plump and lift the lips, cheeks, jawline or temples or add more definition to the facial features. 

What Makes Fillers So Special?

Treatment Time

Fillers can be administered quickly and without surgery, anesthesia or incisions. Filler injections generally take half an hour or less to complete.

Recovery Time and Results

There is little to no downtime after filler treatment. Initial results are visible almost immediately and take several days to stabilize.

Side Effects

Aftereffects can include redness, swelling and small bumps or lumps under the skin. They are usually mild and temporary.


Because there are no incisions, there is no scarring with fillers. 


Fillers are a fraction of the cost of surgical procedures like facelift.

When Fillers Are Not the Answer

Despite fillers’ versatility, they cannot do it all. For example, they cannot lift or tighten extremely loose skin, such as the folds of loose skin that create the appearance of jowls along the jawline. In those cases, facelift or another surgical procedure may be the more appropriate choice.

Something else to consider about fillers is that the results are only temporary. Depending on the specific product, the results last anywhere from three months up to two years. If you are looking for more permanent correction, a surgical treatment may be the sensible choice.

If you have questions about the treatment option that is right for you, you could benefit from a consultation with the team at InVision Eye Care. Our injectable specialists will evaluate your facial anatomy and goals and determine whether fillers or facelift is more likely to give you the results you want.

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