Signs Cataract Surgery May Be in Your Future

You Have Poor Night Vision


Night vision tends to be affected first for people with cataracts. You may see perfectly well during the day, but you start to notice less visual acuity at night.


Driving at night can be particularly hazardous if you have cataracts because you may see a lot of glare or halos around lights. You’ll have a hard time focusing on the road if you’re seeing a lot of glare around headlights and streetlights. Stop driving at night immediately if you notice these issues, and schedule an appointment with your eye doctor to discuss your cataracts.


You See a Yellow or Brown Tint


Cataracts can cause a yellowish or brownish tint in your vision. You may also see colors differently than you used to or have a harder time distinguishing among different colors.


Your Vision Is Getting Blurry


You may think your blurred vision just means you need a new eyeglass or contact prescription. If your vision doesn’t improve — even with new eyeglasses or contacts — it could be a sign that you have cataracts that are becoming worse. Take this as a major sign that you may need to start thinking about cataract surgery.


You Have Double Vision


Double vision can be caused by a variety of eye conditions. However, if you have double vision out of one eye, it often means that your eye has cataracts that are becoming problematic.


You Have Trouble Reading


Even if you put on your reading glasses, you’ll have a hard time reading if you suffer from severe cataracts. This issue becomes even worse if you don’t have enough light, because people with cataracts need plenty of light to see up close or far away.


You Keep Getting New Glasses


If you seem to always be needing a new eyeglass prescription, it could mean that your cataracts are the real issue. Glasses and contacts will only do so much if your vision is cloudy or blurred due to cataracts.


If you’ve experienced one or more of these signs, contact InVision Eye Care to schedule a consultation with one of our talented doctors to learn more about cataracts surgery.


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