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Cataract Surgery

For as prevalent as cataracts are in the United States, the doctors at InVision Eye Care Specialists have noticed that a large segment of the population does not have a deep understanding of what cataracts are. Since the longstanding non-profit Prevent Blindness has declared June “Cataract Awareness Month,” our doctors believe it is a great time to assist in these efforts to teach people in Ocean County, Monmouth County and Lakewood, New Jersey more about cataracts. Here’s what you should know:

How Cataracts Form and What They Do

As the eye ages, proteins and fibers in the lens start to break down and clump together. These clumps cause blurriness or haziness in vision. They can also cause poor night vision, light sensitivity, double vision, aggravated nearsightedness and a diminished ability to see certain colors. Cataracts progress, with symptoms gradually getting worse.

Cataracts Can Occur at Any Age

Over time, most people develop cataracts: over half of all Americans have cataracts by the age of 80. Although cataracts are discovered more frequently in senior citizens, cataracts can start to form at any age. Many people start to develop cataracts in their 40s and 50s, but do not recognize any symptoms until their 60s when symptoms have progressed.

Cataract Treatment Is Easy

Fortunately, patients with cataracts do not need to stress about losing their vision. Cataract surgery is simple, safe and highly effective. In a matter of minutes, a skilled ophthalmologist can remove the eye’s cloudy lens and replace it with an artificial lens that allows for clear vision. Recovery is remarkably easy, with soreness being minimal and usually dissipating within a couple days.

Cataract Surgery Is Covered by Insurance

Most health insurance plans, including Medicare, cover cataract surgery for patients whose vision is significantly hazy due to cataracts. Some patients will opt to spend more out-of-pocket for a premium intraocular lens (IOL). Advanced lenses like Eyehance, PanOptix, Vivity, Tecnis and Symfony can help patients to see better without the need to wear prescription lens.

Make an Appointment

If you would like to be tested for cataracts or if you already know that you have cataracts and have decided it is time to schedule surgery, the team at InVision Eye Care Specialists are ready to help. Our ophthalmologists have performed over 20,000 successful cataract surgeries, boasting one of the lowest complication rates in New Jersey. To schedule a consultation, please call (732) 607-8515.

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