Is Laser Vision Correction Worth the Cost?

Cost is an important consideration in any healthcare decision. At InVision EyeCare, many of our patients have asked us whether it is financially sensible to undergo an elective procedure such as PRK or LASEK. We strive to give our patients all of the information they need to make a wise decision. If you are weighing your options, we hope this blog post helps to make things a little clearer.

The Cost of Laser Vision Correction

The cost of your laser vision correction depends on the specific procedure you have, the technology used and other variables. Anticipate that your LASEK or PRK procedure can cost between $1,000 and $3,000 per eye, including your pre-surgical exams and post-surgical follow up care. Keep in mind that this is a one-time cost, and very few laser vision correction patients need additional or touch-up treatments.

The Cost of Contacts and Glasses

The cost and maintenance of glasses and contact lenses can add up over time.

The average person buys a new pair of eyeglasses every other year. Eyeglasses (including the frames and lenses) can cost between $200 and $600 per pair. Over a 20-year-period, you could spend as much as $6,000 on eyeglasses. Or, if you prefer to buy new frames regularly or keep a few styles on-hand, the cost can be even higher.

A box of contact lenses costs between $50 and $70. Most people buy between four and five boxes per year, which is $200 to $350 annually. If you wear special lenses to correct astigmatism, or you prefer a certain brand, the cost can be higher. Over a 20-year period, you could spend as much as $7,000 on contact lenses. This doesn’t include the cost of cleaning supplies or contact solution.

A Smart Investment

Laser vision correction is a wise long-term investment in your visual health and your quality of life. The up-front cost is higher than what you would spend on a pair of eyeglasses or box of contact lenses, but over time, LASEK or PRK pays for itself. Consider all the money you will save on the glasses, contact lenses, cleaning supplies and prescription sunglasses you no longer need after laser vision correction.

InVision EyeCare offers several payment and financing options for your laser vision correction treatment. Also, you may be able to pay for part or all of your laser vision correction with funds from your flexible spending account (FSA). If you have funds left for 2015, make sure you use them before the end of the year, or you might have to forfeit that money.

To learn more about financing laser vision correction or using money from your FSA to pay for treatment, please contact our team. Call (732) 210-0140 or send us an email today.

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