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How LASIK/PRK Can Improve Your Mood and Outlook      

Lakewood New Jersey LASIK

Your enjoyment of life has a lot to do with your outlook. That’s definitely true when it comes to the extraordinary benefits of laser vision correction — a convenient LASIK or PRK procedure will literally add new clarity, color and dimension to the way you see the world.

Here, the trusted vision care professionals of InVision Eye Care review some of the ways liberation from lenses will brighten your mood by magnifying life’s greatest sensations:

1. Sharp Vision

By reshaping the cornea with a cool-to-the-touch surgical laser, an ophthalmologist can ensure that images received by the eye are focused on the retina with maximum sharpness. The result is a high-definition view that features remarkable depth and clarity.

2. Freedom from Prescriptions

For most patients, LASIK or PRK is a once-and-done procedure that permanently corrects vision. That means no more annual adjustments to your prescription. This long-lasting benefit of LASIK/PRK is especially true for patients who undergo the procedure after their eyes have fully matured.

3. Wide-Angle Views

After LASIK or PRK, your field of vision is wide open, without the visual intrusion of eyewear. You’ll enjoy the convenience and freedom of unlimited peripheral vision, the full panorama of life.

4. Improved Self-Image

LASIK and PRK change not just the way you see the world, but also the way others see you. Freed from frames, you will feel more confident in social situations and may even find yourself becoming more spontaneous. Dive right in to that beach volleyball game; happily accept that party invitation; meet new friends; shine in that important job interview.

5. Savings Over Time

Prescription lenses with frames can cost hundreds of dollars. If your prescription changes frequently, or if you simply have a habit of misplacing or cracking your glasses, the expense will be substantial.

Costs for contact lenses add up quickly, too. Depending on the recommended frequency of disposal, you may pay as much as several hundred dollars each year for fresh lenses. Contacts that correct for astigmatism will be more expensive. During your regular eye exam, you will also pay extra for an additional contact lens fitting. Laser vision correction eliminates all of these future expenses.

To learn more about LASIK or PRK, please contact our Lakewood office today.

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