• Can Headaches Be Caused by Vision Problems?

    on Dec 4th, 2018

Headaches are a burdensome and even disabling condition. They may cause you to miss school, work or important social events or to feel anxious or depressed. If you experience headaches frequently, you’ve probably seen one or several doctors to figure out why. But have you considered visiting your eye doctor?

According to Dr. Edward Hedaya and the team at InVision Eye Care, some headaches may actually be caused by vision problems. Having a comprehensive eye exam could reveal clues as to why you are experiencing frequent headache pain and discomfort.

Eye Conditions that Can Cause Headaches

Several eye conditions have been known to cause or contribute to headaches:

If you experience frequent headaches and haven’t seen your primary eye doctor in the past year or so, it’s a good idea to schedule an appointment with them. The doctor can perform a comprehensive evaluation to look for any underlying conditions that could be causing or contributing to headaches. Or, your doctor may adjust your vision prescription, which can also help reduce or relieve your pain.

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