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Working on the computer for hours a day strains vision. Blue light computer glasses help protect eyes from constant screen exposure. The eye doctor team at New Jersey’s InVision Eye Care Specialists explains why blue light computer glasses are a smart choice.

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Blue light computer glasses can prevent eye strain commonly caused by long hours in front of computer screens. The eye doctors at Lakewood, New Jersey’s InVision Eye Care Specialists discuss why heavy screen users should consider blue light glasses for vision protection rather than standard computer glasses.

What is Blue Light?

Blue light is formally known as High Energy Visible light, or HEV. Roughly one-third of all visible light consists of blue light. Most of that light comes from the sun, but the devices we expose ourselves to daily emit more than their fair share. Exposure to small amounts of blue light from screens is not a problem per se. Over time, however, that constant exposure can harm eyesight. Too much blue light may eventually damage the retina.

In addition to eye strain, blue light can irritate eyes in other ways. Some people experience dry or watery eyes. Too much blue light can throw the sleep schedule off, which is why reading on devices in bed is not recommended.

Blue Light Computer Glasses

All computer glasses are designed with the goal of digital eye strain (DES) reduction. DES is part of the broader category of computer vision syndrome. The lenses of blue light computer glasses are crafted to block blue light out and reduce DES.

Of course, not all computer glasses are blue light glasses. Standard computer glasses have existed for a long time. While standard computer glasses are coated to reduce DES, their main purpose is not filtering blue light. In contrast, filtering out this light is the primary purpose of blue light glasses.

Am I a Candidate for Blue Light Computer Glasses?

Anyone who spends a great deal of time in front of a computer screen — whether a laptop, desktop, tablet, or phone — will probably benefit from blue light computer glasses. Computers are not the only culprit; televisions are also screens, and watching them excessively can result in eye strain. No one wants to develop eye strain or other vision issues.

However, there are those for whom blue light computer glasses are especially suitable. These include those wearing:

One caveat: Even though blue light computer glasses offer vision protection, it is still crucial to practice good computer vision habits. That means not sitting too close to the computer screen and looking away and focusing on something several feet away for about 20 seconds from time to time throughout the day.

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