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Are Contact Lenses Worth It? | InVision Eye Care Specialists

contact lenses

Are you tired of wearing glasses? Would contact lenses improve your vision and appearance? To help you make an informed decision, the expert eye doctors at Lakewood, N.J.’s InVision Eye Care Specialists explain what you need to know about contact lenses. 

Contact Lenses

Unlike glasses, contact lenses do not obstruct your vision in any way. They provide a more natural way of seeing. 

Contact lenses can correct:

Contact Lens Types

Contact lenses are available in a variety of types. Your eye doctor will discuss the types that best suit your vision issues and lifestyle.

Soft contacts are the most popular type of lens. They are more comfortable than hard lenses, also known as rigid gas-permeable lenses. Hard lenses may take more time to get used to but tend to provide clearer vision and require replacing much less frequently than their soft counterparts. 

Soft contact lens wearers can decide between daily disposable lenses, which are used once and then discarded, or planned replacement lenses, which are removed and cleaned each night and can be used for one week to a month.

Want to change your eye color? Decorative contact lenses will change your eye color while providing vision correction.   

There are special contact lenses available that correct less common vision problems or can temporarily change the shape of the cornea. 

Contact Lens Benefits 

Contact lenses possess benefits far beyond the aesthetic. Have you ever had your eyeglasses fog up, making it difficult to see? That doesn’t happen with contact lenses. 

When wearing contacts, your entire field of vision is focused. This can help you in all kinds of situations, including behind the wheel. 

The Downside of Contact Lenses 

For obvious reasons, contact lenses aren’t suitable for use in water. Of course, if you’re currently wearing glasses and like to swim, you can’t wear them underwater, either. 

There are potential consequences associated with improper use or care of contact lenses, including dry eye or conjunctivitis. However, these are usually avoidable if the lenses are worn as per the doctor’s instructions and cleaned and disinfected properly. By removing your contact lenses before going to bed, you can avoid unpleasant consequences. 

Contact Lens Alternatives

Contact lenses aren’t the right choice for everyone. However, there are other ways to obtain clear vision besides contact lenses and glasses. At InVision Eye Care Specialists, we offer alternatives such as LASIK and other types of laser eye surgery. 

Contact Us

To find out if contact lenses are the right choice for your needs, schedule an appointment with any of our talented doctors at InVision Eye Care Specialists in Lakewood, N.J. We serve patients in Ocean County and Monmouth County. 

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