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3 Reasons Not to Postpone LASIK/PRK | InVision Eye Care Specialists


Throughout his celebrated career, Dr. Marc von Roemer has successfully helped many patients in the Monmouth County, Ocean County and Lakewood, New Jersey area to overcome refractive errors and live a life with less dependence on prescription eyewear. After having LASIK/PRK, most of these patients express that they wish they had the surgery sooner. If you have been contemplating getting refractive surgery, Dr. von Roemer and the team at InVision Eye Care Specialists explain why it makes sense to do it sooner than later.

Doctors Suggest Getting LASIK Younger

Ophthalmologists believe that the ideal candidate for LASIK/PRK is over the age of 20 (because your eyes have stabilized by that age) and under 40 (because your eyes are far less likely to have developed age-related eye conditions that may make LASIK/PRK inadvisable). To be clear, however, LASIK/PRK is safely performed on many middle-aged and older patients every day. You may not even have vision that would warrant LASIK/PRK until you get older!

No matter your age, our team at InVision Eye Care Specialists will be able to confirm whether you are a candidate for LASIK/PRK during a consultation.

Refractive Surgery Is Permanent

In most cases, the results from LASIK/PRK last for the rest of a patient’s life. If it were a procedure that improved your vision for just five to 10 years, then you may have reason to deliberate on the exact timing of LASIK/PRK, but that is not necessary. Forever is forever. Delaying the surgery simply means that you are postponing the possibility of living your life without prescription eyewear, so why not start that sooner rather than later?

You Can Save Money in the Long Run

Although LASIK/PRK is not inexpensive, you may decide to look at refractive surgery as a smart financial decision over the long term. For example, if you wear disposable contact lenses, the cost of LASIK/PRK is usually cheaper than 25 years of contacts.

By the same token, if you know you eventually want to get LASIK/PRK, all the money you are spending currently on glasses and contacts is money that you would not be spending if you got the surgery sooner. Keep in mind that InVision Eye Care Specialists accepts financing through CareCredit, so you do have a good option if the main thing holding you back from LASIK/PRK has been having to pay in one lump sum.

Speak to an Expert Ophthalmologist

If you have been considering getting LASIK/PRK at some point and reading this blog has motivated you to finally take action, schedule a consultation at InVision Eye Care Specialists to determine if you are a good candidate for refractive surgery. Appointments can be arranged by calling (732) 607-8515.

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