New Jersey Cataract Specialists at InVision EyeCare

Edward Hedaya, MD, FAAO Lifestyle Lens Expert

At InVision EyeCare, Dr. Hedaya performs the most advanced clear lens cataract surgery. He is an expert on laser cataract surgery and premium lifestyle lenses, also known as intraocular lens implants (IOLs). Cataract surgery at InVision EyeCare means:

  • No needles
  • No stitches
  • No eye patch
  • No hospital stay
  • Fast vision recovery
  • Making the best choices for your vision

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Modern cataract surgery is safe and convenient when performed by the expert hands of Dr. Hedaya who has performed over 15,000 procedures to help people see better and enhance the quality of their lives.

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What is a lens implant?
The lens implant is a device used to replace the clouded human lens (the cataract), which is removed during cataract surgery. The new lens will provide you with focusing power, thereby improving your postoperative vision and allowing you to see more clearly. There are many lens options today such as the Crystalens IOL. Newer technology lifestyle lens gives far and varying degrees of near vision from the same eye! Tens of thousands of people have already benefitted by this advanced designs. Seeing far and near after cataract surgery from the same eye has never happened before in the history of humanity. Our mission is to mimic natural vision of young people who don’t wear glasses as much as technically possible. Not everyone is a good candidate for lifestyle lens.

Pre-operative evaluation:
Prior to surgery, Dr. Hedaya will speak with you at length personally and also thoroughly examine your eyes in order to determine which lens is best for you. We recognize that every person values different visual tasks and we aim to match the lifestyle lens technology to your specific needs. There are limitations to every lens, but they represent a considerable improvement on the basic lens implant. As an expert in premium lifestyle lens implants, Dr. Hedaya will help you select the lens that benefit you most.

The surgical experience:
On the day of surgery, you may be given medication that will help you relax, and our surgeon will numb your eyes with topical anesthesia. Injections or use of needles are not necessary, and you will remain comfortable and pain free during surgery. The skin around the eye will be disinfected just minutes prior to the procedure.

During the procedure, Dr. Hedaya places a lid holder to prevent you from blinking and removes the cataract using gentle sound waves (phacoemulsification). The procedure feels wet and there may be mild pressure. Most people tell him they see beautiful colored kaleidoscope lights during the procedure. They find his singing during the procedure comforting. Most procedures are under 10 minutes. You will use eye drops before and after eye surgery.

The surgery is performed on an outpatient basis. Dr. Hedaya performs cataract surgery at either the Seashore Surgical Institute or the Kimball Medical Center. Patients are generally able to resume many of their daily activities immediately, with just a few restrictions as healing takes place. Follow-up exams will ensure a safe and smooth recovery.

To schedule your cataract surgery consultation, please contact InVision Eyecare at at (732) 905-5600.

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