New Jersey OrbScan Technology

To enhance your safety, Dr. Hedaya and his colleagues – Dr. William Greenberg, Dr. Marc von Roemer, and Dr. Daniel Will, MD use a unique three-dimensional corneal imaging device (ORBSCAN) in your pre-op evaluation. We were the first practice in central New Jersey to use this technology. The Orbscan gives three-dimensional information about your cornea. The typical corneal topographer used in most practices only gives a two-dimensional analysis.

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We like to give the analogy that the OrbScan image is more like an MRI of your eye, while topographers more like a plain old fashioned X-ray. The data we collect with the Orbscan enables us to more accurately visualize the shape of abnormal corneas, which leads to better diagnosis of conditions that would prohibit having laser vision correction and consistent surgical results.

Below are images taken from the ORBSCAN in 3D and also the typical 2D surface topography. The information from the ORBSCAN allows for a true 3D analysis and is fundamental in any laser vision surgical planning at our office.